IFB 17 litres Solo Microwave Oven, 17PM-MEC1 White


The 17PM-MEC1 microwave oven, makes cooking an easy affair. Perfect for defrosting frozen foods before you cook up your next master piece or reheating it to just the right temperature before serving
Auto Cook Settings
Helps change your auto cook settings without having to cancel them. 3 standard cook menus.
Flexi Power Control
The power level is in your control – change it as it suits your dish!


General Information
Model: 17PM-MEC1
Microwave Oven Type: Solo
Capacity: 17 litres
Brand: IFB
Cooking Related
Output Power (Grill): 700 Watts
Output Power (Microwave): 700 Watts
Power Consumption: 1200 Watts
Power Supply: 230 V
Reheat: Yes
Controls & Convenience
Control: TypeTouch + Dial, Button
Timer: Yes
One Touch Settings: Yes
Control Location: Right Side
Physical Dimensions
Turntable Diameter: 245 mm
Inner Material: Powder coated
Depth: 33 cms
Height: 26.2 cms
Width: 45.2 cms
Weight: 10500 grams
Colour: White



Additional information


17 L


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